Thousand Trails Camping Pass Discount

Thousand Trails Camping Pass

There are several ways to score a discount on a Thousand Trails Camping Pass.  Thousand Trails is a network of campgrounds across the United States.  The campgrounds are grouped into regional “Zones.”  Thousand Trails includes more than 80 campgrounds across 5 Zones.  Many RV dealers offer a complimentary 1 year membership to Thousand Trails with the purchase of a new camper.  Make sure you ask the dealer you are working with if they offer this perk.  It’s a great way to try the Thousand Trails program before you commit to purchasing a membership.

Another way to save on a Thousand Trails Camping Pass is to watch for the special deals that they run online throughout the year.  Typically they offer $100 off a 1 Zone Membership during winter and early spring months.  Other times of the year they run a 2 Zones for the price of 1 deal.  These are good times to take advantage of a discount.

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